Our Alarm Watch Monitoring Application

We’ve always worked hard to ensure our security products and monitoring services are highly effective and relevant to today’s needs.

That’s why we developed a Smart Phone App to bring better security to your fingertips. It adds a level of speed and convenience that can make all the difference to your security.


You can be instantly notified on your phone of any events at your premises. You can then interact with our team via the app and phone. Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Check to see if your alarm system is active
  • Check times when your alarm was turned on/off
  • Read Monitoring Station intrusion reports
  • Add, edit and view your alarm users
  • Get one-touch access to our monitoring station
  • Add, edit and view your sensor zone names
  • Let us know if you’re going to work early
  • Click to send a guard or instruct us what to do
  • If you’re working late, let us know how late
  • After an alarm activation, send us a comment before we respond
  • Quickly arm and disarm your alarm. (Add-on module required.)

Monitor Your World Where Ever You Are